Pontine Theatre, the Enfield Shaker Singers and Chef James (Buddy) Haller offer a Shaker program on Saturday, May 4th at 7 pm. To start, Chef Haller presents a selection of traditional Shaker dessert items from The Shaker Table, the restaurant he operated at Canterbury Shaker Village. Once guests have selected their dessert items and are seated, Mary Ann Haagan, Enfield Shaker Singers, introduces Jane Blanchard, Enfield Shaker — A Sketch of her Experience (c. 1868). The 30 minute performance features a Pontine Theatre toy theater narrative, accompanied by traditional Shaker songs performed by the Enfield Shaker Singers. Pontine Co-Director Greg Gathers offers his book with original illustrations based on the Toy Theatre Figures and James Haller offers signed copies of his cookbook, Cooking in the Shaker Spirit for sale. Tickets $35. (Members $25).

Venue Details
Strawbery Banke Museum
14 Hancock Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801, United States
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