DAILY ADMISSION Strawbery Banke Museum

Event Dates: 5/4/2017 - 10/31/2017

Location: Strawbery Banke Museum

HOUSES Strawbery Banke is unique among outdoor history museums in presenting a complete neighborhood’s evolution over 300+ years, with most of the 37 historic buildings on their original foundations. These structures link visitors to the people who lived on the Portsmouth waterfront from 1695 to 1954. Costumed roleplayers and traditional craftspeople recreate the lives, concerns and challenges of families in the community, basing their interpretations on diaries, letters, historical records, archaeology and collected artifacts. . GARDENS Strawbery Banke interprets nearly four centuries of historical gardens, some on their original plots, and is recognized as one of just four sites in the world teaching about change over time in the landscape. Gardens include a colonial kitchen garden, Victorian ornamental plantings, a Colonial Revival garden and hemlock grove, a Ukrainian immigrant’s vegetable garden, a 1943 Victory Garden and chicken coop, and several heirloom apple orchards PEOPLE Strawbery Banke presents 300 years of history in Portsmouth through the stories of the families who lived in this waterfront “Puddle Dock” neighborhood. That community of people who lived out their daily struggles and joys are brought to life by costumed roleplayers, interpreters and traditional craftspeople. Visitors bring their own memories to enrich their experiences here. COLLECTIONS Archaeologists have conducted some of the most extensive urban archaeology investigations on the East Coast at Strawbery Banke. This rich resource plus the museum’s collection of over 1,000,000 decorative arts objects, artifacts, documents and photographs (all with specific Portsmouth connections) make it possible to depict life in this neighborhood over the past 300+ years as accurately as possible. BOATS The neighborhood of “Puddle Dock” was built around boats, boat-building and the maritime trades. The “Port of Portsmouth” marine exhibit and The Boatshop at Strawbery Banke demonstrations return the skills and crafts of traditional boatbuilding to the site. The independent Gundalow Company (next door) helps the museum interpret Portsmouth’s maritime history on the water. EXHIBITS Strawbery Banke offers visitors permanent and changing exhibits to show how the community evolved. ·         “Port of Portsmouth: War, Trade & Travel” in the Montrone Family Gallery in the Yeaton House is Portsmouth’s most comprehensive exhibit of maritime history, with a collection of exquisite ship models and both Navy and mercantile art and artifacts. ·         “The Painted Past: Unseen Objects from Strawbery Banke” in the Rowland Gallery features painted furniture, architectural elements, ceramics and other artworks, some rarely or never seen, from the museum collection. ·         Other buildings hold displays of early trade workers’ tools, architecture and construction techniques.
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DAILY ADMISSION Strawbery Banke Museum

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